Conduct During Locum Tenens Assignments

StaffMD expects that all Providers will perform their locum tenens assignments in accordance with the agreed to terms including full coverage for all agreed to dates of service.  In the event a Provider needs to modify an accepted assignment, Providers are required to provide 30 days written notice to modify or cancel a confirmed assignment.  StaffMD realizes that emergencies occur, so in such a situation, please notify your StaffMD representative as quickly as possible to see what accommodations can be made to meet both the needs of the Provider and the Client.  The agreement between StaffMD and each Provider contains what is called a “non-compete” provision.  This provision is standard in the locum tenens staffing industry and generally provides that once a Provider works for, or is introduced to a Client through StaffMD, the Provider agrees that he/she will not work for that Client for a specified period of time unless it is through StaffMD.  The Clients agree to a similar provision whereby the Client agrees not to hire a provider to work for that Client for a specified period of time unless it is through StaffMD.  This restriction stays in place for any Provider who works or is presented to a Client via CV or otherwise for a period of 2 years following the termination of the Provider's locum tenens contract with StaffMD.  There are numerous situations where a Provider and Client want to convert the locum tenens arrangement into a permanent employment situation.  StaffMD is always pleased when an assignment works out so favorably for both parties.  In these situations, StaffMD will work out the necessary details with the client at no expense to the Provider.