What benefits are there to working a locum tenens assignment from the perspective of a healthcare Provider?

Locum tenens can be a career choice, a temporary or transition phase to your career, or a chance to supplement your current income.  Locum tenens Providers can pick their own work schedule, and where they work.  For some Providers, this is a quality of life choice.  Other Providers may be looking to make a permanent career change or move.  For these Providers, Locum tenens creates an opportunity to work in different geographic locations or different facilities so you, the Provider, can assess your preferences before committing long–term to a move or another type of career change.  Some Providers are able to arrange their permanent work schedules to enable them to work locum tenens one week per month or one day per week.  This allows these Providers to earn extra fees for services without impacting their full-time jobs or practice.  Locum tenens also allows Providers an opportunity to maintain current status on their licenses and credentials.  Depending upon your situation, the benefits of Locum tenens apply to both Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers.

Is locum tenens available to only experienced Providers?

In a word – “No” Locum tenens offers something for Providers with all levels of experience.  For Providers looking to work less, sell their practices or contemplating retirement, locum tenens offers part-time or full-time work without the demands and financial risk of managing or operating an entire practice and office.  Depending upon your specialty, medical malpractice insurance could be a very significant expense.  Locum tenens providers can practice in their specialties and the medical malpractice insurance is provided at no cost to the Provider.  Also, Providers can choose to work in other geographical areas and create a working vacation or get away.  For inexperienced Providers, locum tenens provides a means of obtaining a wide range of experience in a variety of settings so the Provider can then make an informed choice as to exactly where he/she would like to practice or if a career as a locum tenens Provider is the best fit.  Locum tenens Providers are well-compensated so no provider should feel he/she is sacrificing income by choosing locum tenens.

What is the minimum commitment a provider must make to chooseto work as a locum tenens provider?

 Any provider can work as much or as little as they choose.  All assignments vary so the secret is in choosing the best assignment to fit your needs and desires.  StaffMD is focused on putting you in the right assignment every time.  Our staffing professionals will work to make sure your assignment matches your expectations.

Who pays for medical malpractice insurance, travel, lodging, credentialing, etc.?

NOT YOU!  Regardless of the expense, all of this is taken care of for you.  No one wants a surprise when it comes to expenses.  Our staffing professionals at StaffMD will cover every aspect of the assignment with you and make sure you understand how everything is being handled.  Whether expenses will be handled through a reimbursement or paid directly, StaffMD wants to make sure that each assignment is a pleasant experience, so we make sure any surprises are good ones.  If travel or special arrangements are necessary, all of those types of matters will be addressed up front.

Is locum tenens compensation competitive?

Without hesitation- YES.  Locum Tenens Providers are quality healthcare Providers who for their personal reasons or circumstances have decided to work locum tenens.  The market and demand dictates competitive compensation rates.   Locum tenens is a fast growing industry for its benefits, but this growth would not be there if the pay rate was not competitive.  All aspects of pay for services is addressed before the assignment is confirmed, including on-call rates, overtime pay, and other special assignments such as nights and week-ends, if applicable.

Who is StaffMD and how do they work?

StaffMD is made of up of experienced healthcare staffing professionals dedicated to a high level of service to both Clients and Providers.  The process starts with your agreement to let us work for you on a best efforts basis.  There is no cost to you in letting us start working for you.  The next step will involve completing our application so we may assess your experience and determine what assignment will be the best fit for you.  At that time, we will present to you each assignment that we believe is an appropriate match for your your situation and desires.  We are here to discuss the assignments so you may ask any questions you have in order to understand all you need to make a good decision.  Remember, StaffMD does not hire you.  Ultimately, the healthcare facility with the need makes the final decision with regard to your being hired.  Accordingly, it does not help StaffMD or you to pursue assignments that are not a good mutual fit.   Once you make a selection(s), StaffMD will provide your background or CV to the client seeking services.  Your information will not be presented to any Client without your prior consent.  Once you and the Client agree on an assignment, StaffMD provides you all of the information you need to start the assignment and make sure you know where to go and how you are getting there.

Does StaffMD only work with physicians?

StaffMD staffs/places Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers and a variety of other healthcare Providers.  Locum tenens used to be associated with Physicians only, but the growth and demand for mid-levels requires that we work with all healthcare Providers to meet the needs of our clients.  It goes without saying that we treat all Providers with the same level of care and service.

What if I have questions while I am on an assignment?

StaffMD is always here for you.  If you have any questions at all, please call us.  StaffMD wants you to be happy and you should never feel alone.  We want to hear from you.  Our relationship does not end with a placement.  From our perspective a placement is a step along the way of your long successful career.

How do I contact StaffMD or begin to pursue an assignment?

To get started contact us today! Call us at 800-893-1618 or email us Connect@StaffMD.com


We look forward to working with you!