StaffMD Locum Tenens Staffing

Our database of locum tenens Providers is among the largest and most qualified in the industry. Our services allow you to:

  • Cover the absence of regular staff
  • Prevent loss of practice revenue
  • Maintain continuity of care to patients
  • Develop temporary physicians and medical providers into permanent staff

StaffMD offers the most competitive rates for our staffing services. And best of all, we handle all of the arrangements, including any necessary transportation and lodging. We also provide quality malpractice insurance for our Providers and upon request assist our Providers with obtaining or renewing state licenses and required hospital privileges. We make it easy for you to maintain staff coverage when you have the need.


Every candidate StaffMD works with must first satisfy our stringent requirements for credentials verification and quality management. Using our state-of-art information system, we create profiles for all candidates in our database. This information, which is available to our entire recruitment staff, is a sophisticated tool for monitoring and tracking the quality of our candidates. Once a Client is matched with a potential, the candidate’s credentialing record is reviewed to make sure the Client is comfortable with moving forward. If the Client is for any reason not comfortable with the information in the credentialing file, StaffMD will work quickly to present one or more alternative Providers so the Client can make the best selection for its situation.


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