Permanent Placement

Permanent placement is a very different service than locum tenens staffing and the professionals at recognize this distinction. Permanent placement requires a deep understanding of what both the provider and client are looking for in their new hire situation. Permanent placement requires that the provider not only have the required credentials and experience, but that personality, interactive/social skills and practice methods all fit the situation and environment.


Let’s face it every situation is somewhat unique and the professionals at StaffMD take the time make sure that the candidate is as well-informed on an opportunity as possible before he/she is presented to a client. At the same time, StaffMD invests the time to understand the client’s needs and desires so that the providers presented for consideration match the client’s criteria and are candidates that desire a situation/opportunity that the client offers.


StaffMD will actively seek out candidates and opportunities from a broad search basis in order to find the best candidate for our clients and the best opportunity for our providers seeking permanent positions. We do not merely sift through what comes our way. StaffMD makes things come our way to better serve providers and clients. That is our commitment.